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Peter Elias Masoi.

Board Chairperson.

Experienced humanitarian leader, a Program Specialist at Gobin Global with 6+ years. Committed TYVA member, aspiring Chairperson on the Board of Directors. Best wishes for success in your endeavors!

Charles Ezekiel Ndahani

Executive Director.

Charles Ndahani, Education graduate, 5+ years in project management. TYVA volunteer, led Kijana Na Kura Yako Project. Committed to education and community development, empowering youth through transformative projects.

Clara Kabwe.

Board Member

Clara Kabwe, project management expert, TYVA Project Lead, and owner of Ms. Applied Economics and Business. Dedicated to holistic community development and addressing challenges for sustainable impact.

Badru Juma Rajabu.

Board Member

Badru Rajabu, Senior Coordinator at Restless Development, brings expertise in policy advocacy, youth-led development, and sustainability, with prior roles at UN Global Compact supporting businesses in Tanzania.

Rosemary Mushi.

Board Member

Rosemary Mushi, dedicated counselor with a Gender and Development degree, specializes in supporting children and adolescents through the National Child Helpline (116), fostering a nurturing environment for healing.

Frank Yohana Mitande.

Board Member

Frank Mitande, a seasoned lawyer with 4+ years' experience, serves as Legal Aid and Human Rights Officer at LHRC and Legal Officer at ALMAT Co. (T) Ltd. His expertise spans diverse legal areas.

Evarist Evarist Mdahila

Finance Director

Evarist Mdahila is a Tanzanian professional known for his expertise in accounting. Born in Tanzania, he pursued his education and successfully obtained a degree in Accounting from the Institute of Finance Management in 2021. Mdahila's commitment to the field is highlighted by his two years of valuable experience in audits and bookkeeping at Shebrila & Co, an auditing firm operating under KAPS Tax Consultant Limited. His contributions have significantly contributed to the firm's success, showcasing his dedication to the financial sector.